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Summer Trombone Lessons

June 2024 - August 2024

We’re in the final push before the school year comes to a close.

And then: Summer Break! Freedom! Rest! Relaxation!

Kind of.

Summer is still a busy time of year for most of us. Keeping our playing chops up on top all that can be tricky. But with the proper guidance and planning, music lessons can work nicely into your summer plans.

Lessons: Feature

Summer Lesson Packages

Choose from THREE Summer Lesson packages

Let's Get Started!

  • PERFECT for new students

  • DISCOUNTS for new students

  • FREE first lesson for Long Beach residents

  • Up to 8 Lessons

  • In-person or virtual

Keep up the Momentum!

  • 3 Lessons Per Month

  • In-person or virtual

Just Keep Playing!

  • 1 Lesson Per Month

  • In-person or virtual

Lessons: List

Summer Lesson Enrollment

Untitled design(12)_edited_edited.png

In-Person Lessons

(Inland Empire)

Tuesdays Starting June 4th

Untitled design(12)_edited_edited.png

Virtual Lessons (Inland Empire)

Thursdays Starting June 6th

Untitled design(12)_edited_edited.png

In-Person Lessons

(Long Beach)

Saturdays Starting June 15th

Untitled design(12)_edited_edited.png

Virtual Lessons (Long Beach)

Thursdays Starting June 20th

Lessons: Services

Trial Lessons

Sometimes, we want to know what we’re getting into before making a long-term commitment. Trial lessons allow students to put their toe in the water before signing up for recurring lessons.

Trial Lessons in Long Beach are FREE.

Trial Lesson rates outside of Long Beach are as follows, regardless of lesson length:

  • 10-19 miles outside Long Beach = $25

  • 20-29 miles outside Long Beach = $30

  • 30-39 miles outside Long Beach = $35

  • 40+ miles outside Long Beach = $40

This is to help cover fuel costs and car maintenance expenses.

Lessons: Text
Untitled design(12)_edited_edited.png

Lesson Rates

For students taking 1:1 private lessons, rates are as follows:

  • 30-minute lessons: $45 per lesson

  • 45-minute lessons: $60 per lesson

  • 60-minute lesson: $75 per lesson

Lessons: Welcome

Payment Options

Students and their families have two payment options:

Pay Per Month

  • For students paying for a month’s worth of lessons in advance.

  • Payment due by the first lesson of the month.

  • Discounts for those taking 45-minute and 1-hour lessons

  • See Monthly Lesson Plans Section for Auto-payment options

Pay Per Time Block

  • For students doing non-weekly lessons (i.e. biweekly, monthly, etc).

  • Based on the per lesson rate (see Lesson Rates).

  • Payment due by the start of each time block.

Lessons: Text


  • Solo Monthly 30

    Every month
    • Solo Monthly 45

      Every month
      • Save $5 by paying for the month in advance
    • Solo Monthly 60

      Every month
      • Save $10 by paying for the month in advance!

    Lessons: PaidPlans

    Student Policy Packet

    Lessons: Welcome
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